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Our Philosophy:

When asked about our business philosophy I like to point customers to our namesake and logo, the daisy.  It's not just a random symbol, and no, it's not my name (my name is Valerie, but i do answer to Daisy now also).  It is my favorite flower, and the epitome of our business philosophy.

A daisy is naturally simple, fresh and unpretentious.  It thrives in mountains, near beaches, and in the heart of the desert. It is found growing wild and free in untamed meadows and also in carefully manicured and sculpted gardens.

I like to think of our products in the same way.  Simple, fresh, natural and unpretentious.  In the competitive business of skincare products it is easy to find exorbitantly expensive products that contain trace amounts of fancy ingredients that may or may not be beneficial to the skin.  At Daisy G's we carefully select the ingredients that are the most beneficial, and use those ingredients in quantities that are safe and effective.  

Another key difference in Daisy G's products is driven by our location in the heart of the Sonoran Desert.  Our climate in Buckeye, Arizona is hot, dry and unforgiving to the skin.  We formulate our products to be safe and effective in the our desert environment, and our customers appreciate the difference.  Customers often ask at shows whether I am concerned that our soaps will melt in the heat... and I always answer "Nope, these are Arizona soaps, they are fine at any temperature!"  It goes beyond our soaps not melting.  Our lotions are designed to add moisture and skin conditioning oils to your skin, not to attempt to draw moisture from the environment into your skin using lots of sticky, petroleum derived glycerin (although we do include a bit of vegetable derived glycerin as a humectant in most of our lotions).

Our favorite place to look at daisies is in the wild.  Our Daisy G family is filled with avid hikers, backpackers, outdoor lovers and environmentalists, and we strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible.  Out of respect for our rain forests and the diversity they support we do not use palm oil in any of our products.  Our soaps are environmentally friendly, safe for septic and gray water systems and contain no detergents.  We do not use oils that are genetically modified or solvent extracted.  We choose steam distilled essential oils, and phthalate free fragrances.  The preservatives used in our lotions contain no parabens or formaldehyde releasers.  And we love to use Arizona sourced ingredients in our products, including Arizona grown jojoba, honey, herbs, and prickly pear.

And finally, our products are affordable for everyday use for every body. Whether you are male or female, young in age or young in heart, regardless of skin type or color, we make basic, everyday soaps and lotions to help you love your skin.

Our History:

Daisy G's was established in 2013 as a temporary business to help pay my way through college, a mid-life career change that was needed to restore sanity and integrity after a quarter decade as a cubicle dwelling tax accountant.  I returned to study nutrition, knowing that I was following the path I needed to be on and having faith that even though the destination was unclear, it would all become clear in the end.  Science was new and fascinating to me, and studying anatomy and physiology was, as I remarked to one of my professors, like reading the owner's manual after driving the car for 50 years.  One particular organic chemistry involved making soap, seeing the chemical change of combining a strong base to fatty acids... and our lab team failed miserably.  We created goo... caustic, runny goo!  Not one to accept failure I recreated the experiment at home, and having a bit more success I decided to try again and make soap for family Christmas gifts.  And thus the love was born... the soap was lovely on the skin, and I realized that "itchy" is not the normal state of existence, but the result of applying harsh detergents masquerading as "body bars" to my skin on a daily basis.

One soap let to another, my skills and formulas improved, and I began to receive requests for more and more and more.  Soapmaking was followed by lotion making, and the product line and budding business began to build.  After graduating from Arizona State University with a degree in Nutrition/Dietetics I realized that I had found my path.  Daisy G's is and always will be a small, family enterprise, dedicated to providing soap, lotions, laundry and skincare products to customers desiring a fresh, more natural way to cleanse and care for their skin.

Our skin is our first line of defense against toxins and disease, it is on the front line 24/7.  At Daisy G's we use the tagline "Love Your Skin!" as a double truth... if you show your skin some love, in return it will feel softer and more comfortable, and you will truly Love Your Skin!

Thank you for reading this, and we hope you will try our products and see for yourself.

Valerie Gray

Owner, Soapmaker

Daisy G's