Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Daisy G's products special?

Like our namesake Daisy, our products are simply and exquisitely formulated with naturally fresh and gentle ingredients.  Our location in the Sonoran Desert means that we tend to formulate for dry skin, dry air and hard water.  Although we formulate our products to work well in these conditions we have customers from all climates that appreciate the gentleness and effectiveness of our soaps and lotions.  Instead of using exotic and expensive additives for label appeal, we select the best ingredients and help you understand why we made these choices.  Have questions?  Just ask.  We are happy to answer any and all of our customer's questions.

Are your soaps palm free?

Yes, all of our soaps are palm free.  We are deeply committed to environmental preservation, and the palm industry is responsible for deforestation of millions of acres of rainforests throughout the world.  Although there are some sources of palm oil that claim to be sustainable we believe that our symbolic gesture of avoiding palm oil in our soaps is the best way to contribute to environmentally friendly products.  Besides, our soaps are perfectly awesome the way they are!

Do you use animal fats in your products?

We do not use animal fats such as tallow or lard in any of our products.  While we do offer many vegan soaps and lotions, we do incorporate some animal products such as goat milk and honey in several of our soaps. 

Do you offer custom orders?

We offer custom orders as time permits.  Please email us at info@daisygsoaps for further information.